Download Ninja

Download Ninja

Download Ninja is a Internet Download Manager & Accelerator

Download Ninja is a Internet Download Manager & Accelerator

Download Ninja not only dramatically increases download speed but also allows you to resume and restart stopped/broken downloads. Download Ninja speeds up your downloads by splitting each file into chunks logical chunks and downloading each chunk using a different connection to the server, the result of this is much more reliable and fast downloads.

Download Ninja is 100% free to use on as many computers as you like.

Resume Downloads

Resume your downloads after stopping without having to restart them from the beginning

Download Acceleration

Increase your download speed by up to 10 times by using multiple simultaneous connections

Login / Password Manager

Securely keep track of your various website logins so they are automatically set using our encrypted login manager

Shred your downloaded files

Once you are finished with your downloaded files Download Ninja can shred both the data and the meta data ensuring that they can never be recovered, even using specialist recovery and forensic tools

Chrome Extension

Quickly add new downloads from within Chrome using the Download Ninja Chrome extension

Clipboard Monitoring

Download Ninja monitors your clipboard so to add a download all you have to do is right click and copy the link

Sequential File Writing

Unlike other download managers, DownloadNinja downloads files from start to finish so you can begin to preview audio and video files before the download is complete

Drag and Drop Support

Drop new links directly onto Download Ninja to add the new download

Download Ninja


Download Ninja